Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Favorite Friend Quote of the Day 6-13-2007

Emily: "I think between you [me], Lewis, Fred & Kristen, you know more useless information than anybody I know."

Me: "What about Peter?"

Emily: "Throw Peter in there and we should start a useless information game show because the 5 of you would win it! OH! I'll be your road manager! Can
I have a phone with the headset?"

Yes, Emily. A phone with a headset.

Also at work:

Lewis: "Emily, I know what you can do with your life!"
(Emily is thinking, "Great! A li
fe plan!")
Lewis: "You could totally be a superhero!"

Emily's blog

I don't do Photoshop, this is the worst picture making ever.
Oh well it's still pretty hilarious in my opinion!


Susan Toups said...

Ha Ha Ha So Funny!

m worsham said...

haha that just made my day

Anonymous said...

your insane but i love it!!
i could totally be a super hero

Tina said...

i could take on the 5 of you. i am an amazing resource of useless crap... seriously, it's pathetic. just ask kristen.

stephanie said...

i too know tons of useless information. i wanna join the game/club! i'd be a great asset to your team

Mandy said...

haha, that is too funny!

Charlotte's Door said...

peter would be touched!

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