Saturday, March 6, 2010

Oscars 2010

I am SOOOO excited about the Oscars tomorrow night!! I spent the day today preparing for my party!! I bought the stuff for my swag bags, the prizes for my games, the stuff for my cupcakes & the stuff for my drinks! I got the decorations last week!! I've been trying to figure out my award predictions, but it's hard this year since I haven't seen many of the movies! I have to just go by what I've heard! I'm going to print out a list of the things the movies have won so far so that the people playing my ballot game will have an idea! I'm very excited!!!

Have you made your Oscar predictions yet??

Also - I plan on live-blogging the Oscars tomorrow night!! Or at least live-blogging as I watch them, which might be on DVR...haven't decided yet. We'll see how the party goes!!

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