Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cable or Satellite??

For any of you out there with TimeWarner Cable, you may have realized that just last week, they dropped the CW from their channel lineup. I am a big CW fan, regularly watching One Tree Hill, Life Unexpected, Gossip Girl, 90210 and Vampire Diaries! I was not happy with this new development, to say the very least. So since our cable bill is really expensive anyway, Lewis is letting me look into prices and things to get satellite tv and DSL internet because it may end up being cheaper. He refuses satellite internet because he plays online games and doesn't want to risk it going out during a storm.

So here's my questions...

Dishnetwork or Directv? What do you think of them? What's the difference? And does anybody have Windstream?? I've heard awful things about Windstream - not about the service, but about having one bill amount for a couple of months and then they jack it up by a lot after like 3 months. Has this happened to anyone? Because right now these are my only options. But the problem is, we have 2 HD DVR boxes, all the HD channels, Showtime and HBO, so I'm not sure if we can get the same services for less money with satellite tv plus Windstream phone/DSL internet.

What do you think??

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Maria said...

We have DirecTV and love it. I'm not sure how it is in Nicholasville, but our satellite costs ended up being a whole lot cheaper than cable. We did the same thing as you though, and still get our internet through the cable company.

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