Sunday, March 28, 2010

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

Lewis and I started watching Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution on Friday night on ABC! We were kinda blown away! We really liked it!! As a future teacher and parent, I've always been interested in the food served to our kids in American public schools. I must say I have been less than impressed with it. We've always pretty much planned on sending lunches with Isis rather than having her eat school food. After watching Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, I have only had my suspicions confirmed. It's not that they are not serving a balanced meal with vegetables, breads, meats, etc. It's more than they are serving processed foods and finger foods. Children are rarely learning how to use a fork and knife to eat their food and the food is rarely freshly prepared. There is much room for improvement.

Enter Jamie Oliver! He has a passion for revolutionizing the food served to our children and turning the tide from obesity to health-conscious living. He did the same thing at home in England and has now started in Huntington, WV - recently named America's unhealthiest city based on rates of obesity, physical activity, diabetes and heart disease. You can watch as he begins in one elementary school and then moves to the city and beyond. I am very excited about watching!!

Visit Jamie's website and read his philosophy on food! Or read more about his Food Revolution (sign the petition!) or his other campaigns! He also spoke at the TED conference in February 2010. Watch that below.

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