Monday, January 25, 2010

New Show

So I'm a stay-at-home mom for the next several months. I start my student teaching at the end of August. So I've got about 8 months staying at home with a baby girl! We're working on getting things into a good schedule and I spend quite a bit of time everyday doing stuff around the house or with Isis. But I always end up with at least a couple of hours where I could watch TV & the options on daytime TV are pretty awful. I've decided to start a new show on DVD! I need suggestions! Here are the ones I'm thinking about...

Mad Men

Big Bang Theory

Also, Lewis & I are definitely going to start watching 30 Rock! So - which one of the ones above should I watch? This obviously depends on whether or not my Blockbuster has these. I know they have Mad Men & Glee. I watched the first several episodes of Glee, but I didn't give it a full chance, so I'll probably watch that one for sure at the very least because it's just one season.

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