Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bye Bye to Chad Michael Murray & Hilarie Burton

Chad Michael Murray & Hilarie Burton are officially not returning to One Tree Hill for Season 7. It's just not going to be good. They're supposed to be introducing 2 new characters and Julian will be returning for Season 7 (and 8 if there is one).

What do you think of these changes?


Yoli said...

If all the other actors are going back, then they can probably get along without Luke and Payton. Luke is the worst character on the show anyway.

The_Brain said...

It will sure be weird not seeing them on the show. However Brooke has always been my favorite, so I'm eager to see what next season will be like.
I also want to see some shake-ups in the Nathan-Haley relationship. It's been sweet watching those two lovebirds being cute most of the season, but we need some twist in that part of the show.

Emily said...

i think i am done and will pick up Gossip Girl instead

be-nicole said...

NOOOO i lov luke ad payton it get borin with out them i lov wat goin on between them but luke ad brooke is better together ad i wouldnt want to many new character it would b wierd

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