Friday, August 24, 2012

Fall TV 2012

Ah, it's that time of year again...Fall TV time! I love preparing for my new shows!! This post will be jam-packed with info related to my TV watching. There are many great shows I've heard of that I don't watch, so they aren't included. But for a full list of Fall TV premieres and new shows, check out TV Guide!

First of all, let's discuss the run-down of favorites, regulars & those I'm just trying out.

These are the shows I will watch every week and I don't miss!
Gossip Girl
New Girl
Modern Family
Big Bang Theory
The Vampire Diaries
American Idol (mid-season)

These are the shows that I will be DVRing, most likely all year. They all get watched, but sometimes I'll be backed up a week or two and have to catch up one Saturday!
How I Met Your Mother
The Office
Saturday Night Live
Once Upon a Time

Giving it a Shot
These shows are either new shows that I'm trying out this year (new shows are italicized) or they are shows I've been watching for the last few years, but I may stop watching them this year, depending on how the season goes.
Two Broke Girls
Hart of Dixie
Ben and Kate
Go On
Emily Owens, MD
Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23
The Mindy Project
Guys With Kids
Beauty and the Beast
Grey's Anatomy
Revenge (I'm catching up on Season 1 before I start Season 2 this year)
Next Caller (mid-season)
Cougar Town (mid-season)
The Carrie Diaries (mid-season)

Summer/Shortened Series Shows
These shows are either on now and I watch them in the summer or they come on at random times throughout the year. Either way, I thought if I was including shows I watch on the list, they deserve to be recognized.
White Collar
NY Ink
Project Runway
Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution
The Buried Life
Million Dollar Listing (LA & NYC)
Million Dollar Decorators

Now, next thing you need to know are the Fall Premiere Dates! Set your DVR's!! I'm going to list these in order of premiere date. But all the ones that are in the list above and are starting in September or October are on the list.

Go On - 9/11 9pm
Parenthood - 9/11 10pm
Guys With Kids - 9/12 10pm (regular time slot is at 8:30pm)
Glee - 9/13 9pm
Bones - 9/17 8pm
The Office - 9/20 9pm
How I Met Your Mother - 9/24 8pm
Two Broke Girls - 9/24 9pm
New Girl - 9/25 8pm
Ben and Kate - 9/25 8:30pm
The Mindy Project - 9/25 9:30pm
Modern Family - 9/26 9pm
Big Bang Theory - 9/27 8pm
Grey's Anatomy - 9/27 9pm
Once Upon a Time - 9/30 8pm
Revenge - 9/30 9pm

Hart of Dixie - 10/2 8pm
90210 - 10/8 8pm
Gossip Girl - 10/8 9pm
Arrow - 10/10 8pm
The Vampire Diaries - 10/11 8pm
Beauty and the Beast - 10/11 9pm
Emily Owens, MD - 10/16 9pm
Suburgatory - 10/17 10pm
Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23 - 10/23 9:30pm (sneak peek on Wednesday 9/12 at 10pm)

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