Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Fall Shows!

Every year, I start to plan out my Fall DVR schedule with old shows and new shows. This year there are several I'll be giving a shot. Keep in mind, often times "giving it a shot" means it gets one episode and if it hasn't captured my attention with that first episode, I'm done. So let's just say this is the "1 episode" list. We'll go from there.

I do think Mindy Kalig is so funny and I always loved her on The Office! So I'm interested in seeing if this is any good. I don't totally get on board with her as a female lead, though. She's more the funny best friend in my book, but I feel like it's worth giving it one episode to see if she can change my mind.

I wasn't totally on board with this one until I saw the preview. The premise of it didn't really catch my attention, but seeing how it played out in the preview did. Then it has that little girl in it from We Bought a Zoo and the new Footloose. She is absolutely adorable and I may just be giving it a shot because of her. 

The premise behind this one is just great and I love seeing dads with kids! I love how they got the different kinds of dads and different ages of kids and all of that. I just think it looks really funny and definitely worth giving it a shot!

Really there's not much more to say than that it has Matthew Perry in it and that is exclusively why I am watching it. The preview does look good, too, so I feel like people will be drawn to it for more reasons than just him, but for me, it's him.

Next Caller
Dane Cook is starring in this one. There seem to be several shows this year that I'm drawn to because of 1 specific actor who has been cast in them. This is one of those. Dane Cook, I'm giving you a shot.

There's a few things going for this one. First of all, it's on the CW and I tend to like a lot of their shows. It also looks pretty good in the preview and I'm interested in the superhero kind of plotline. I may not stick with it, but we'll see.

Beauty and the Beast
Again, the CW always gets a shot. I also love Beauty and the Beast and any version of it. I even liked that movie Beastly with Vanessa Hudgens. So I'll at least see how this one goes.

Emily Owens, MD
CW again. And it has Mamie Gummer in it, and her mom is Meryl Streep, and I think that's pretty fabulous. I also liked her in that other medical show she was in last year that got canceled. LOL.

The Carrie Diaries
CW. Basically a prequel to Sex and the City. Producers of Hart of Dixie and Gossip Girl. Definitely worth trying. There is still no videos or previews yet, so we'll see if I still feel the same once I see those.

What have I missed? What are you watching in the Fall?

One thing I do want to catch up on this summer is Revenge. I regret not starting that one in the Fall last year.

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