Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall TV Update

Fall TV Update

So I've got some winners & losers so far. I posted about the fall shows I was planning on watching, so here's how everything has panned out so far.

Absolute favorite new show of the season: New Girl

Others that are high up on the list: Ringer, 2 Broke Girls, Suburgatory

Here are the ones that aren't my favorites, but they've been added to my regular rotation: Hart of Dixie, The Secret Circle, Up All Night

The shows that just didn't make the cut: The Playboy Club (although this one was canceled anyway), The X Factor, Pan Am

I'm still waiting for: Once Upon a Time

But I just have to say again that New Girl is just the best thing that has happened to tv this year! I love Zooey Deschanel & the guy who plays Schmidt is hilarious! They're all just great characters on the show! Sadly, I loved Damon Wayans Jr on the pilot episode, but I'm ok with the new guy. But I do like Damon Wayans Jr's character on New Girl better than his character on Happy Endings, so that's kinda sad. Oh well.

As far as returning shows go, I'm LOVING Vampire Diaries. Everything else is good, but Vampire Diaries always takes things in a direction I didn't expect & I just think that's good writing. So way to go! I've stopped watching Raising Hope and my anticipation for Bones new season is just out of control! So excited for November 3!

What are your thoughts on Fall TV this year?

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