Thursday, March 17, 2011

American Idol Season 10 Picks #3

These are my favorites from last night!

Casey Abrams
He's still towards the top of my list. Smells Like Teen Spirit is not the greatest vocal performance, but he's got some guts to perform that & he totally pulled it off!! I loved when they used the word fearless to describe him!

Lauren Alaina
She had a much better song choice & did a much better job last night! I just think she's adorable!

Stefano Langone
He hasn't been my favorite really, but I thought he did really well last night & I love that song!

Pia Toscano
She can just sing. Dang. Every time I'm like "this girl is crazy amazing."

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Jessica P. Wallin said...

I have to vote for Lauren...she's from the town 20 minutes away from me! I don't know if I have the same kind of accent, but she's cute and bubbly and is really talented for such a young girl.

Pia bores the heck outta me, but I like Stefano, even though he's kind of boring too. Overall, I think it will be a country year for Idol.

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