Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Fall TV List

All the networks have been announcing their Fall TV Schedules & I am overall really happy!! There are a few shows that I'm sad have been canceled (Hellcats, Off the Map, Mr. Sunshine), but there are also a bunch of new shows I can't wait to watch! 

First, let's talk about what I'm excited is returning! (In no particular order)

Fox, Mondays at 9pm
I can't believe that Cuddy isn't coming back, but I do feel like House is still giving us crazy storylines that have me completely on the edge of my seat. One main example: House's absolutely insane & disturbing surgery on himself in this week's episode. OMG.

Fox, Tuesdays at 8pm
Of course, this is just amazing and it makes me really happy and I want it to keep coming back year after year. And I'm ready for Finn & Rachel to be back together. And definitely for Puck to stir up some trouble next season. I feel like he wasn't enough of a troublemaker this season.

Raising Hope
Fox, Tuesdays at 9:30pm
While this isn't one of my absolute favorites, it does make me laugh regularly & I think that's all you can ask for.

Fox, Thursdays at 9pm
I absolutely cannot wait for the finale tonight to find out if Booth & Bones did it! LOL. I will keep watching this one even though they completely  make me angry regularly with there back & forth kind of junk between the two of them. It's been way too long. Just let them get together already!

NBC, Tuesdays at 10pm
If you are a parent or you have parents or you have siblings (which I should've covered everyone by now), you should be watching this show. It's beautiful and challenging and funny and just a really lovely family show.

The Office
NBC, Thursdays at 9pm
So curious about next season without Steve Carell!

ABC, Mondays at 10pm
Eh, it'll remain on my DVR, but depending on how the beginning of next season goes, this one could be off after a few episodes.

Modern Family
ABC, Wednesdays at 9pm
Hilarious. Keep 'em coming.

Happy Endings
ABC, Wednesdays at 9:30pm
This was a midseason pickup this year & I have been so surprised by how much I LOVE it! It's just hilarious! The combo of those 6 characters is really great! It's right up there with the Friends or How I Met Your Mother or Big Bang Theory combo of characters for me. I hope it has a great second season!
Grey's Anatomy
ABC, Thursdays at 9pm
I just never get tired of this show.

Private Practice
ABC, Thursdays at 10pm
Okay, this is one I just started watching a couple months ago & I'm within half a season of being caught up. Thank you, Hulu Plus, for having the whole fourth season available to me! I love this!

CW, Tuesdays at 8pm
Loving this one still, too! Is Naomi really pregnant?? Because I feel like she's lying to get the nerd to stick around.

Big Bang Theory
CBS, Thursdays at 8pm
This is just one of the best shows on tv. If it didn't come back, I would freak out.

Cougar Town
ABC, Wednesdays at 9pm (midseason)
Coming back mid-season - really?? This show is awesome!!!!!

Gossip Girl
CW, Mondays at 8pm
Love this! I really wanted Chuck & Blair to get together again, but I kinda get it. Maybe she'll really get to be a princess! And I now need to read The Beautiful and Damned this summer.

How I Met Your Mother
CBS, Mondays at 8pm
Barney is getting married?!? When do we get to meet the mother???

The Vampire Diaries
CW, Thursdays at 8pm
This is my favorite show on TV right now. I am so curious about everything coming up next season! Cannot believe Jenna is dead. Kinda ready for Elena & Damon to get together for a while. Cannot believe Stefan is bad again!!!

Saturday Night Live
NBC, Saturdays at 11:30pm
I mean, really, it's just a TV legend. It must continue.

Project Runway All-Stars
Excited about this - don't know when it comes on, though!

Now, the one I'm not in favor of returning...

One Tree Hill
CW, Tuesdays (midseason)
Yes, I have been a One Tree Hill fan for a really long time now. I have been in support of it returning every year that it's been on. But this season, they ended it perfectly. Everyone is happy. Everyone has a baby or someone who loves them or has somehow made amends or whatever. It's just all wrapped up. What else is there to do? Especially in only 13 episodes of a mid-season pickup? I feel like it will just be creating drama for no reason. I wish they had just left this one alone. The finale this season was a perfect ending to the show & I just don't know if I'll continue watching it next season. I wish they would go out strong & positive. I mean, Jamie running across the bridge with the basketball & the Keith Scott motors sweatshirt?? How much more perfect of an ending do you need??

And the new shows I will be trying out in the fall are...

New Girl
Fox, Tuesdays at 9pm
Zooey Deschanel is coming to TV! Of course I will be watching. I don't even know what the show is about, but I'm there.

ABC, Wednesdays at 8:30pm
I was not really interested in this one, but then I watched the preview. It looks funny! And it's a dad/daughter show & I'm always up for giving those a shot.

Once Upon a Time
ABC, Sundays at 8pm
Jennifer Morrison & Ginnifer Goodwin star in this show about a city where fairy tales are coming true. Cheesy? Maybe. Interesting to me? Definitely. I'll give it a shot.

Secret Circle
CW, Thursdays at 9pm
This is starring Brit Robertson, who I loved in Life Unexpected. It's based on more books by LJ Smith, who wrote The Vampire Diaries. I'll be reading the books this summer & adding this to my DVR this fall! I'm definitely interested!

Hart of Dixie
CW, Mondays at 9pm
Rachel Bilson is returning to TV. I think she's adorable & I've liked pretty much everything else she's been in. Plus it's on the CW & I tend to like most things on the CW, so I'm in to give it a shot!

CW, Tuesdays at 9pm
Sarah Michelle Gellar. On the CW. As a monumental Buffy fan, I feel like I need to offer no other explanation.

What are you looking forward to in Fall TV??

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Emily said...

hadnt been on your blog for a while and just read over all your fall tv stuff. love that you always post it up! I have started setting my dvr, added new things which I thank you for!

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