Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Fall Shows!!

These are the ones I'm really interested in! See a full list of the new shows coming this fall at Entertainment Weekly!

Love Bites
-I'm mildly interested in this one. Mainly because it has Becki Newton from Ugly Betty in it and it is produced by the writer-producer of Sex and the City!

Running Wilde
-This one is produced by the creator of Arrested Development. It stars Will Arnett from Arrested Development and Keri Russell.

$#*! My Dad Says
-I have followed the guy on Twitter for a while now & I love it that they're making a show! I don't think there's any way it wouldn't be hilarious!!

No Ordinary Family
-I follow Julie Benz on Twitter & since I give anything with a Buffy or Friends alum a shot, I've got to at least try it out!

Better Together
-It's got the girl from Privileged in it. It's about 2 sisters & their dating relationships. I dunno, seems like something I'd like.

Happy Endings
-Starring Elisha Cuthbert - she breaks up with her fiance at the altar & the show is about the effect it has on their friends & family. Sounds interesting. I'll give it a shot.

Mr. Sunshine
-Starring Matthew Perry. Any further explanation needed?

My Generation
-Documentary-style. Tracks the life of former high schoolers. Interesting.

Off the Map
-New medical drama produced by Shonda Rimes (of Grey's Anatomy & Private Practice). I think her reputation speaks for itself.

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