Sunday, September 4, 2011

TV Shows - The Breakdown

If you want to see my ridiculous DVR spreadsheet, click here to check it out!

I've been sharing my spreadsheet with several of my friends & I always get the same reaction: "How do you have time to watch all of those??" There are 46 shows on the list, so I thought I'd share my process.

The "ASAP" shows
These are the regular shows that start in the Fall & go through the Spring. I love them & I usually watch them the day they come on. They're my favorites.
Gossip Girl
Big Bang Theory
Vampire Diaries
Grey's Anatomy
SNL (Always watched on Sunday morning)
I've added these two this year. We'll see if they stay on this list.
Hart of Dixie

The "Sometime This Week" shows 
These are the regular shows that start in the Fall & go through the Spring, but I usually wait until a convenient time that week to watch them. That could mean I watch them the day they come on or it could mean I wait until Friday, Saturday or Sunday night to catch up for the week. These are also most of the 30 minute shows because I can easily fit them in here & there throughout the week.
How I Met Your Mother
Modern Family
Happy Endings
The Office
Private Practice
I've added several to this list this year. We'll see how they go:
Two Broke Girls
The Playboy Club
New Girl
Up All Night
The X Factor
The Secret Circle
Once Upon a Time

The "When I Have Time" shows 
These are regular Fall to Spring shows. They're still good enough that I don't want to take them off the DVR, but I may save them & catch up at a time when regular shows are off the air for the week or something. I don't usually watch them the day or week they come on.
Raising Hope
Parenthood (This one could be moved up to a "Sometime This Week" show this year. It was awesome last year!)

The Summer/Winter Break shows 
These shows come on in the summer & then come on in January again when most regular Fall shows are on hiatus for winter break. It makes it easier to keep up with them because they aren't really on at the same time of year as the Fall shows.
White Collar
Project Runway

Mid-season shows 
These start later in the year, usually January to May. They make my Spring schedule a little more complicated, but they're still really good!
American Idol
Cougar Town (this year)
One Tree Hill (this year - haven't decided for sure if I'm going to watch this last season or not)

The short-season shows 
These shows start random times throughout the year and usually only last 6-10 episodes or so. They can complicate things for a little while, but they're not long seasons, so it's easier to keep up with them.
NY Ink
Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution
Holly's World
World of Jenks
The Buried Life
Million Dollar Decorators
Surprise Homecoming
Ridiculousness (Lew & I just started watching this one. Not sure if we'll keep watching it.)

And finally, The daily shows 
These come on every day at times that don't interfere with anything else. I watch Ellen everyday, but the others I only keep & watch the ones that have people on that I'm interested in.
The Ellen Degeneres Show
Late Night With Jimmy Fallon
Late Show With David Letterman
The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson

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